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Tools for meditation

Tools for meditation

Heidi committed to a daily yoga practice yoga in her late teens which guided her through her youth. After some time working as an artist and film-maker it became clear that teaching Yoga was her true path. On graduating from Centered Yoga under Paul Dallaghan, Heidi has been teaching since 2002. This blog aims to share some of the knowledge and insights Heidi has regarding committing to Yoga on as a lifestyle.

As with many Ashtanga yoga practitioners, Heidi has spent time in Mysore, India, with re-known teacher the late Pattabhis Jois and his grandson Sharath. Heidi continues to update and refine her knowledge of yoga, pranayama and meditation and has studied with Master teachers such as Dena Kingsberg, Pranayama master O.P Tiwari, and Gregor Maehle.
Her greatest teacher, however, has been the commitment to a daily practice itself.

Heidi is trained in the dynamic and vigorous Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition, and teaches her unique yoga classes in both Ashtanga and its very opposite- a ‘Yin’ yoga approach where the poses are held quietly, and surrender is key. Practicing these two disciplines regularly creates a wonderful balance in the body and mind.

Yogaguerilla’s main focus is bringing the -often absent- practice of mindfulness to the yoga discipline. She believes this union of mindful meditation and yoga asana brings great benefits and real change to the daily life to the practitioner.

Yogaguerilla holds weekly classes in yoga and meditation in the Mornington Peninsula area of Victoria, Australia, and in Melbourne, south of the river. Classes are small with individual attention a priority. Yoga and Meditation workshops take place locally and across Victoria. She holds regular affordable workshops in Mindfulness Meditation techniques, and a weekly mindfulness practice session.

Heidi also facilitates fabulous and transformational yoga and meditation retreats in magical places around Australia and Asia.


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