Mindfulness Meditation … On and Off the Mat

Join me for an introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and how to use this powerful tool as a formal meditation discipline, as a practice within everyday life and to enhance your yoga asana practice.

Will we explore ancient and contemporary meditation techniques together –  seated, standing and walking, and then apply our understanding in a Slow Flow class.

gorge mindfulness moment

So quiet in the middle of everywhere -and nothing- with some incredibly ancient rocks

In this way we aim to drop within, into the awareness that is always there, and dwell from a place of deep abiding calm.

Once you have learned the simple ( yet not easy) techniques of mindful meditation you can take it into every situation, anywhere (and with this in your toolkit you’ll never be bored again!)

This workshop is on Sunday October 14, Grassroots Yoga, Mornington on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula

1.00-3.30pm, $45

Wear comfortable clothes suitable for both yoga and sitting.

Bookings are vital through grassroots yoga website or app or the mindbody app.


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