Yin Yoga class

yin yoga

Yin Yoga is a fantastic way to bring flexibility and suppleness to the body, while deeply relaxing the mind and regenerating the spirit. With its roots in Ancient Chinese Taoist practices, Yin Yoga poses tend to be simple and in the range of most bodies. The poses are suitable to do every day, at any time, and are a great additional to a more Yang Yoga practice such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Bikram, and for people who do a lot of sport, cycling or jogging. It is equally effective for more sedentary folk looking bring balance back to their bodies.

Yin Yoga is not about effort and activation of the muscles towards the bones, increasing strength.
It is rather about ‘modest stretches, patiently endured'( Paul Grilley ) – allowing the deep ‘Yin’ tissues to relax and stretch, the body’s relaxation response to kick in, and the bones to move apart- essentially decompressing them. Yin Yoga works the deep fascia (connective tissues), softening the dense build up of this gel like tissue and making it more fluid- greatly reducing stiffness and pain.

This is the Power of Yin Yoga, and what keeps it safe and non aggressive, all the while whilst releasing stagnant energy and habitual muscle patterns built up from daily life, work and sporting activities.

With a regular practice, the body rebuilds in a new and more elastic way, the joints stay young and supple. It very effectively reduces lower back and hip pain in many people.

I absolutely love it, makes me feel deeply connected to the world and grounded in life- and hence after 25 years of a commitment to strong & dynamic yoga forms such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, I find it a perfect addition to my life in yoga.

My next Yin Flow Yoga class starts next week on Thursday March 25th @ Hummingbird Eco Retreat in Red Hill, on the Mornington Peninsula – at 9.30 am.