YOGA, ACHES and PAIN- and what to do about them.

I’ve had several students, yogi and non yogi friends mention to me about aches and pains this past few days- I think it is to do with Autumn starting in the Southern Hemisphere, a time of contraction when the body starts to prepare for winter.
So I thought I’d reblog this post about Aches and Pains and internal remedies and measures to counter them.
Hopefully in a day or two get around to writing the follow up post where I look at external remedies for aches and pains. But I’ll have to sit down to do that, and sitting down is the one thing I find that makes aches and pains more noticeable.

-yogaguerilla- Musings on Ashtanga yoga, it's antithesis Yin, Meditation & more

This is the first in a series of posts about the aches and pains that may arise from a regular or daily, physical yoga practice.

Like any other activity where you use your body- sport, working out at the gym, gardening, housework- aches and pains and injury may result. Lack of activity will also cause aches and pains ( think how you feel when you get off a plane, do some long distance driving or after a long day of sitting meditation )

It’s a part of living with a body.

Over the many years of my yoga practice, I have had various aches and pains move about my body as areas opened up, or strength was developed, or indeed if I performed an asana incorrectly or without mindful attention- so I have had much experience experimenting with what works to alleviate these pains.

Yoga is designed to balance the…

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