Book Spine Poetry Blog hop

Here is a little poetry challenge I was invited to do by my sister from
In the tradition of artist Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books,
Book Spine Poetry is simply arranging the spines of books to say something.

I could do this all day. As a child I would lie and read the titles of my parents bookshelf in the living room- hanging off the couch, upside down. Chanting them into verse, over and over.
Oh! to be a child and have nothing else pressing to do but to chant book spines for hours on end. Those verses often run riot through my head. (When meditating, the restless mind will come up with anything to lead you down the garden path and away from the matter at hand.)

I chose two subjects to play with today-
my ART practice ( I write, make strange little films, take photographs and occasionally venture into sculpture and drawing )
and my YOGA and MEDITATION practice.

Here they are. Have a go yourself at Book Spine Poetry. A bit like the ‘Shelfie’ pics ( as distinct from the ubiquitous ‘Selfie’ pics ) that were going around facebook a while back.
Equally as telling, but perhaps a little more creative.

art poetry
How pleasure works, on longing-

The where, the why and the how.

Intimate landscapes where children sleep,

The secret of dreaming my book about me.


yoga poetry

The inner tradition of yoga, simply felt,

Awake in the world, no matter what.

An older kind of magic.

The disappearance of the universe,

A wrinkle in time.

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Where is your mind?

This is a little video I made a while back illustrating how easy it is to get lost in thought when practicing… or how concentration comes and goes, stuff comes and goes, interruptions come and go….

 In truth, practice is an exercise in allowing things to come and go.

Yoga should be a practice of mindfulness when possible, an experience towards meditation. Time- as in PRACTICE, committed and persistent- helps this as much as anything.

Coming back to the breath, remembering to find the bandhas ( muscular/energy locks), attending to drishti ( gaze points) and importantly… focusing on sensation all help encourage your practice to become a moving meditation. 

click below to view…

‘Where Is My Mind’- a video piece about concentration and the monkey mind